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Revolution of the Mother Meditation

Weekly Community Meditation Practice

  • 1 hour
  • By Donation

Service Description

The mother in all of her many forms of earth, womb, matrix, Maitri, Goddess, Tara, Dakini and Compassion are connected to self-care and the way we care for each other. Meditation is one of the most supportive forms of care that we can give ourselves. Meditation has the capacity to refill your well and nourish you simply by getting quiet and being, rather than doing. The practice is the act of slowing down, going inward, watching awareness, listening, allowing and letting go. The unfolding within meditation can guide you into the great Heart of Being, to the shine of your essence – your true nature – that lives within and radiates from the inside out. Discovering our own personal unique sacred connection inspires creativity and fuels generosity into expression in our lives by bringing us into a more present, embodied state, grounded and rooted in love. Resourced in the generative energy of The Mother we are better able to meet the needs around us. Join us for this weekly practice to culture the heart of meditation together. Our time together will include a short 10-15 minute teaching around the mother and the art of compassion in meditation and the principles that support an inward practice. The teaching is followed by a guided 20-30 meditation into the spaciousness of silence. This class is open to everyone who registers. By donation PayPal Path of Compassion - karunyamarga@gmail.com No one will be turned away (At the end of the 40-45 class there will be the option to stay in the space of silence, to log off zoom, or to stay on the zoom to be in the communion of hearts and voices post meditation for the final 10 – 15 minutes of the hour.) ‘The Revolution of the Mother’ is the force of the divine feminine – it is a collective call to create a new world for all beings. The global dark night of the soul includes interwoven crises of climate change, Patriarchy, capitalism and racism which threaten human extinction. The Revolution of the Mother is here to birth a new way of being and doing through us. But it is up to us to open to her. Simply by getting quiet we can invite her guidance, to connect to her regeneration that already reside in each of us. Meditation is a potent practice to connect to her force of Love, to source the energy needed to transform and create.

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