Welcome to the Path of Compassion. My name is Tarakini. 

You might know me as Susannah Weaver.  Tarakini is a name given to me which more closely resembles my soul essence.

It is an honor to share knowledge, techniques and practices that can bring you closer to your inner guidance and your true heart of compassion.  I bring a great love and devotion to the Mother and the sacred feminine to my teaching, a presence and understanding, which has guided me throughout my life. 

The seeking impulse and the feeling nature of love touched me as a child growing up with the influence of Jesus within the Episcopal Church. The journey of inner guidance led me in a deepening with Nature and her elements through Lakota, Native American, practices and then to women's wisdom based practices and eventually to yoga and meditation.  Tibetan Buddhist Dakini practice opened another gateway to my connection to the sacred feminine that informed and guided my journey of transformation.  I have been blessed by so many extraordinary teachers along the way. The longing to learn to live my practice and to answer the call to live in closer harmony with nature inspired me to leave Los Angeles and move to Ojai, CA. The same inspiration propelled me on to Orcas Island, WA where I would learn to connect more directly to the generative love inside of me through unique meditation practices on a path rooted in tradition.


There is nothing more rewarding than supporting a fellow seeker on their journey. As a meditation teacher, a yoga teacher, coach and as a bodyworker, I am devoted to helping people on their unique path of inner discovery. I teach people the foundation of mindfulness and the process of effortless letting go which provide the necessary ingredients to develop transcendence in meditation. This kind of practice is not to escape life but rather to embrace the fullness of life and to bring the connection to your own essence and presence into life. I teach because I want to share what has led me to more joy, freedom, peace, creativity and love. Whether you are longing for relief from stress, fear and doubt or simply struggling with the challenges that life presents through relationships, jobs, trauma, the things we don’t want and the things we hold on to and fear losing, meditation offers a treasure trove of transformation, healing and limitless possibilities for our lives. 

I offer students the Surah Parampara teachings in tandem with  elegant meditation techniques for self-realization that can empower one in their own discrimination and sovereignty.  Path of Compassion teaches the pillars of mindfulness which act as a foundation to learn the art of meditation.  The Karunya Marga, (a Sanskrit term for path of compassion), contains the return to true self knowledge through the path itself and the solar meditation techniques enliven waking wisdom through practice over time. It is my deepest joy to share with you the essence and teachings of the Amartya tradition. 

I came across the healing balm of Sambodha during a time where I emerged from a dark night of the soul after losing a baby. I had stopped meditating all together for a period of time, I was longing to connect to the peace I had experienced in meditation again. When I returned to practice I had difficulty connecting to the well spring of ease and grace that meditation had offered me until that crossroads.


In 2015, I discovered a way back home to my heart through a healing current I experienced in the first technique I learned. I began to study with my teacher, Aaravindha Himadra. The last 6 years have been devoted to culturing my heart in practice and bringing forward the wisdom of the Surah Parampara tradition.  In 2018, I became an authorized Sambodha teacher. The Sambodha classes and workshops I teach are ONLY taught in person to better support students. I currently teach in the Seattle area. The teaching of the art of compassion and the pillars of mindfulness online offer the foundation needed to develop and deepen in meditation practice but this online work does not include the lineage breadth of knowledge I offer as a Sambodha teacher.


I continue to invest in myself personally, and as a teacher, by doing annual pilgrimages of deep meditation retreats and knowledge seminars. Both self-development and the process of continuing to be a student, go hand-in-hand, and support my process of integration and sharing with students, in the light of Maitri, to honor the responsibility that comes with stewardship of a unique and precious path.  Scholarships for study are available for students in need.

For more details on my offerings as a bodyworker and a yoga teacher please see our ONLINE BOOKING APP or go to my personal page www.susannahweaver.com

For more information go to www.surahparampara.org  and www.aaravindha.com to see where Aaravindha Himadra is teaching in Europe and the USA.  Aaravindha's book, "Immortal Self: A Journey to the Himalayan Valley of the Amartya Masters" can be found here.