Welcome to the Path of Compassion. My name is Tarakini.

It is an honor to share the sacred knowledge of the Surah Parampara and the elegant meditation techniques for self-realization that can empower you in your own discrimination and sovereignty.  Path of Compassion teaches the pillars of mindfulness which act as a foundation to learn the art of meditation.  The Karunya Marga, path of compassion, reveals the return to true self knowledge with solar meditation techniques that enliven the awakening path. It is my dharma and my deepest joy to share with you the essence and teachings of the Amartya tradition. I am an authorized Sambodha Meditation teacher. I have been practicing, teaching and working in the healing arts for 2 decades and there is nothing more rewarding than supporting a fellow seeker on their spiritual journey.

I teach people the foundation of mindfulness and the process of effortless letting go which provide the necessary ingredients to access transcendence in meditation. When this process is applied to life we can begin to wake up. I teach because I want to share the path to freedom that I have found and make it available to anyone who longs for liberation from the bondage of stress, fear and doubt. This can include challenges that life presents through relationships, jobs, trauma, the things we don’t want and the things we hold on to and fear losing, as well as through the imposed pressures of the mind and the ego which can stand in the way of deepening in a meditation practice.

I first said yes to the intuitive nature of my heart in 1999 when I began studying, practicing, teaching and working in the healing arts. As a bodyworker, a yoga teacher and a meditation teacher and coach I am devoted to helping people to discover the gift of returning to their true nature.

I came across the healing balm of Sambodha during a time where I emerged from a dark night of the soul after losing a baby. I had stopped meditating all together for a period of time, I was longing to connect to the peace I experienced in meditation again and I was ready to go deeper in my practice because I had outgrown the practices and tools that had served me well until that crossroads.

Since 2015, for the last 5 years, I have been studying with my teacher, Aaravindha Himadra, to culture both my heart and the wisdom of the Surah Parampara tradition.  Aaravindha is the embodiment of the Amartya tradition in the Western world.

In 2018, I became an authorized Sambodha teacher following several yers of deep study and practice in the tradition. This sacred knowledge is ONLY taught in person to better support students. I currently teach in the Seattle area. The teaching of mindfulness pillars online offer the foundation needed to develop a meditation practice but this online work does not include the lineage breadth of knowledge I offer as a Sambodha teacher.

I continue to invest in myself personally, and as a teacher, by doing annual pilgrimages of deep meditation retreats and knowledge seminars with Aaravindha where he brings forward new aspects of the Amartya knowledge. Both self-development and the process of continuing to be a student, go hand-in-hand, and support my process of integration and actualization so that I best honor the responsibility that comes with stewardship of the Solar knowledge.

When I am not teaching, writing or doing healing work I can be found musing on the sacred feminine. I am most passionate about studying the divine language, in mantra science, and working with the sacred sounds to create mantras to be used as medicine for meditation. Spending time each day in nature is how I connect to the great mystery – I love to hike on the mossy wooded trails throughout the Seattle area. I live with my husband, Bob Nash, in Redmond, WA where we have created a unique life based on sacred partnership and the daily commitment to live our practice and answer the call of dharma.   I teach meditation classes, small yoga classes and do bodywork at our home studio while Bob teaches Wado Karate in the dojo at home and internationally.

For more details on my offerings as a bodyworker and a yoga teacher please see our ONLINE BOOKING APP or go to my personal page www.susannahweaver.com

Aaravindha's book, "The Valley of the Immortal Masters" can be found here. For more information go to www.surahparampara.org  and www.aaravindha.com to see where Aaravindha Himadra is teaching in Europe and the USA.  

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