The Path of Compassion enlivens a sacred art. We teach the art of meditation and mindfulness to anyone ready to commit to developing a meditation practice. We teach beginning meditators as well as seasoned meditators, folks who have been practicing TM, Metta, Vipassana and other styles of meditation. We offer people the tools to access the transcendental state which allows for deeper letting go beyond the distractions of the mind into the heart of silence.  The heart of silence is a dynamic place of stillness that provides both healing and insight that can offer the meditator a calm mind that has the ability to focus, bring better health and physical well being, reduce stress and emotional reactivity, regulate the nervous system and provides the opportunity to be nourished by a balm or bliss that can only be likened to what we experience in deep sleep. The fruit, the roots of an established meditation practice can yield, is a connection to one's own inner KNOWER, an empowering INTUITIVE GUIDANCE of the heart ~ the true compass ~ the infinite source of love, truth, compassion, creativity and wisdom that lives inside all of us.


Path of Compassion is the 4th Path, referred to as the Karunya Marga, which teaches one how to listen and feel for the truth in the presence of the shadow. The true feeling nature of the heart is a compass and when the shadows, stories and illusions are cleared away it can serve as a divining rod in service to the mind. From this place of receptivity and peace, sovereignty and discrimination, one can move from suffering to freedom in meditation and in life. How do you know which path you are called to? Whether it is the path of knowledge (Jnana Marga), devotion (Bhakti Marga), or action and Seva (Karma Marga )? We need the path of Compassion, the Karunya Marga because it teaches us how to listen and to feel for the inner guidance, to come home to our true nature.

Compassion polishes the elusive process of transcendence into a sacred art through the pillars of mindfulness, the precious jewels that shine the light on the inward journey. The pillars of mindfulness in meditation prepare the student with the necessary foundation to BE with a meditation technique, in such a way that it cultures the heart and the art of transcendence (Nirodhyama) unfolds effortlessly in meditation. The elegant meditation techniques of the solar tradition, the Surah Parampara, are designed to attune you to subtler forms of listening so that you can make this journey from the busy mind into the stillness of the great mystery that lives within the heart.


I teach from the experiences I have integrated in my own practice and in my life. As a teacher, I love to have conversations of the heart. I will listen to you - where you are at in relation to learning meditation or deepening in the meditation practice that you may already have established. I will share the gems of mindfulness and the art of compassion with you so that you return to the intuitive feeling nature of your heart that arises during practice. It is my greatest joy to offer you these tools to move from resistance to more effortless listening and letting go in meditation. From this inward place you will connect to more ease, peace of mind, insight and clarity so that you might discover your own wellspring of compassion, strength, joy, creativity and love in both meditation and in life.  It is a process that unfolds with time, devotion, and fortitude in consistent practice.

I have had the great privilege and honor to deepen with my teacher, Aaravindha, these last 7 years on this inward adventure. My experience with the solar teachings and the journey of inward compassion is that this art is an elegant and potent container for growth and healing. Now more than ever, healing is needed to restore balance to the masculine and feminine polarities in ourselves and in the world. Meditation is the most direct pathway to come home to your true nature, your divine essence which bestows one with the means for realizations which lead to actualizations. In this way, I have found meditation practice to be a revolutionary tool for inward and outward change, for love in action. Inner peace is the most powerful foundation for action. Conscious action comes from this place of peace where we touch love, where we are renewed, in our return to essence into presence.