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Journey from the mind to the heart

Updated: Apr 26, 2021

I have always had a longing in my heart to move away from the fear and distraction generated by the mind to say yes to the call of the heart. It seems we are faced with a collective journey from the mind into the heart during these times. When we make this transition we will find ourselves more grounded, in our center. Mind creates anxiety while the heart is a compass of calm. When heart says to the mind Hey!—you work for me! Then the monkey mind is no longer running the show. Easier said than done right?! My anchor is meditation. A great meditation technique allows for effortless letting go which can take one from the mind into the heart with ease by giving the mind something to do! Have you always wanted to learn to meditate but you haven’t had the time?

Disruptions can be the catalyst for creativity and new acts of imagination. What will you do with all of this ‘time’ on your hands? There may be a jewel to harness in the chaos...a gift of presence, of realizing our interconnectedness...You can give yourself the opportunity to move from fear and suffering into the freedom of peace of mind. This is your moment--don’t let this moment slip by.

If you are feeling the call to say yes to the invitation of the heart--it's time to learn how to meditate ❤️

I invite you to have a conversation of the heart with me or to sign up for our next Mindfulness and Meditation 8 week course May 6 - June 24 or to schedule a one-on-one meditation session after social distancing bans have been lifted

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