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Can meditation really reduce stress, anxiety and loneliness?

Updated: Apr 26, 2021

Yes. The benefits of mindfulness and meditation will help you to understand the source of your anxiety or pain, lower stress, allow you to connect and to be more fully present with others, improve focus, reduce brain chatter and connects you to your essential nature -- this is the wellspring of grounding, peace, creativity, love and joy. The pillars of mindfulness lay the foundation for ease and effortlessness in your meditation practice.

I was recently asked why I meditate? The question gave me pause to really reflect on the journey of deepening in my meditation practice over the last 10 years. I meditate because of the freedom I experience on a moment-to-moment basis that is no longer bound to the minds inclination to dance with the past or the future. The gift of being available and present In. The. Now. is extraordinary if you have ever suffered from worry, doubt, fear or a fundamental not 'enough-ness.' So yes, I receive the benefits of mental acuity and stress reduction but the real reason I love to meditate is that magical indescribable thing I touch in the effortless process of letting go. This energy of connecting to my essence, or the divine's essence, is actually the barometer that then governs whether or not I fall prey to fear, stress and anxiety by empowering me with the ability to discriminate. I discovered a profound deepening in my meditation practice when I learned the refined art of mindfulness in meditation through the solar lineage that is my spiritual path. It is a great honor to share these teachings with you.

So many people say to me, "I want to meditate but it sounds boring. I'd try it but I can't sit still. My mind is just too fast. I don't have the time to commit to meditation. I prefer a moving meditation." If you can relate to any of these responses, I'd love to teach you the pillars of mindfulness which act as the most elegant foundation to learn the art of meditation. Path of Compassion is starting our next Pillars of Mindfulness 8 week course on May 6. Let go of fear and anxiety through the gift of discovery through meditation. I hope to see you there.

Yoga, meditation and controlled breathing techniques are effective ways to relax and they also provide the means to connect to a sense of grounding and inner peace that we crave when the body/mind/spirit is on high alert. I also offer one-on-one mediation teaching, holistic coaching, yoga classes and bodywork through Path of Compassion.

With Love and a deep bow to you for your curiosity around meditation,


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