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Call to the Tara, the Bodhisattva

Updated: Feb 8, 2021

April 2020

~In honor of the great mother, the boundless heart of compassion, devoted to relieving suffering and providing refuge for all, with the heartfelt intention to benefit all beings~

Listen for the call

the dark uncertainty of these times are calling on us

To remember our interconnection

to drink from the inner well of listening and feeling

in the innermost heart where truth and compassion arise

The veils of separation are parting

Well spring waters invite us inward

Resilience relies on wisdom to meet the unknown

How do we get there?

It is time to open ourselves up

to tap the flow of Source

beyond the minds grip of ego and identity

the root and spring source of compassion deep within

transforms fear, greed, negligence, hatred and ignorance with

medicine of compassion; generosity, reason and clarity, steadfastness and love

to stand in the light of remembering, the true Self

to be a lighthouse in the storm,

to touch the sacred place of the Knower

where emerging light, courage and the means, come forward to relieve the suffering

to radiate compassion and blessings to all beings in need

Fear, hate and anxiety are guardians of the liminal space where transformation lives

fear is a call to return to faith

innate faith of the Knower

the faith one touches in the lotus of the feeling heart

which is stronger fear or faith?

The great mystery

holds the trauma and the tragedy of these times

turn toward the suffering, the fear, the dark

– this is the challenge –

acknowledge it, accept it, embrace it

it is hear to guide you

will you sacrifice your fear upon the altar of your heart?

Lean into the obstacle

These global challenges we are faced with now hold the greatest possibility

for change, for awakening

the guide is the compass of the heart;

truth, kindness, peace, reason, respect, sincerity

healing, balm of compassion arises

that which brings order to turmoil

How can we tend what’s in front of us?

We begin with our own hearts

what does this look like?

Let go. Connection, realization and solutions come from this place

Enveloped by the ocean of the heart

I touches the One and becomes We

Fortitude of practice

revealed through the heart mandala inward

pathway of gravity to the center

awakens your true nature

unleashing the flowing nature of your love

How do we get there?

Meditation labyrinth

softening into receptivity, into innocence, a willingness to surrender

Your dear mind can now learn to discriminate reason and truth from fear

listening ear of Divine Mother emerges

nursing us with her nectar

opening us up to the great One heart of wholeness

You are a child of the Great Mother

turn toward her Oneness and feel that you too

are already rooted in loving awareness

unbound, expansive and infinite

a spaciousness great enough to guide you

and reveal to you what to do

the divining nature of the heart is not only

the guide but also the path

The world is in need

we must make a choice

choose truth over illusion

To free the river of compassion

magnanimous and kind

a fierce stream wields her sword of truth

discerns reason from fear, power to right the wrong

we see what has been hidden

Time to rise up, to stand in the light of the true Self

to shine the ray of sunlight in the darkness of separation

cross over from fear to love

opening your heart in loving compassion

embrace the ones who are sick, the ones with the disease of the heart, the ones in bondage to fear, to all who are in need

Do you feel the call?

Go to the Source within to answer

beyond the guardians of the heart

give up all resistance

fall in, be tempered in the cauldron

bathe in the stillness of the great mystery

Receive the alchemy of her love

You don’t have to do anything to be renewed

She will guide you

She will make you the balm,

She will unleash your dynamic compassion

To meet the true need, not just the suffering but the cause of the suffering

Drink from the well of silence

The temple door opens

Feel for the stirring of the heart

like sunlight upon the bud of a rose

She transmits her great art of compassion

Upon the altar of our heart

remedy meets the wound

nourished through deepening of meditation’s dance

where the divine drips her nectar

dew of the heart

spreads and begins to flow through us

come home to essence into presence

Here the Knower listens through the illusion

divining and feeling for the antidote

Essence guides us to see, to feel and respond to the need

to alleviate suffering, we become the voice of truth and wisdom

When we drink from the well of silence together

we touch the One

She infuses us with the sap of grace

transforming us into our highest potential

souls nourished in the deep realm of silence

birth luminous medicine that swells inspiration

and overflows from our hearts

and moves through us to others, permeating the collective

No sense of separation

You are waking up to the great heart of compassion

The presence of the beloved

She is you – you are her

This is our great gift to give

You were born to be the lighthouse in the storm

to become the balm for these times

to offer the hand of grace to those in need

You don’t have to do anything to answer this call

Simply drink from the well of the One great heart in the silence

surrender into renewal

We are all connected in

the great return to the source of love within

where freedom sings her song

inspiration overflows into expression and action

remedy of liberation for these times

~ May we come to know this new way of being that allows us all to come to know our True Heart, and to serve from there—the peaceful warrior Knows how to Be the example, to stand for peace, protection, safety, health, truth, freedom and love. May we create a world that is just, fair and free and equal to all. We dedicate the grace of this medicine to all beings everywhere ~

By Tarakini

With gratitude to all of the teachers who taught me transformative knowledge and practices along the path: the sacred feminine, my relationship to the great mystery, and to the alchemy of the Surah Parampara knowledge of the Amartya Tradition.

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