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Ma’at ~ Revolution of the Mother

Updated: Jun 8, 2021

Beloved Mother

I am arrested by the darkness of these times

We are in the great reckoning to change the old broken ways

‘What if this darkness in not the darkness of the tomb but the darkness of the womb?’

Yet, even though you have initiated me through my dark night of the soul –

The night still presses me against the hidden places, where my own shadows lurk and wait

for me to give up my resistance, to lean into the bravery,

to face the pain of the unhealed wound –

The gift that came from my dark night is still, at times, guarded by the old broken ways, the internalized ways, of holding on alone, dominance, control and shame

Mother, you first met me in the sky of stars

I met you again in the space between

And then in Nature we grew close as mother and daughter,

I found you each time upon the earth

In your ways, your elements, your creatures and your ceremonies –

they spoke the language of your heart, of our interconnection to me

and I remembered

I take refuge in the alchemy of communion with you

I meet you in the silence

betwixt and between the dawn

still, thin space where I encounter your urging

cradle of your womb, rocks and soothes

ocean waves lull

delicate embrace

wraps me in the finest silk

Mother of Mystery, you hold me here

A silent channel where I surrender

Where the letting go allows for a deeper glimpse of you

A merging with the radiance of your presence

a home within that calls to return, again and again

to receive your touch of Grace

Goddess unveiled, she who resides in the Garden of the heart

She who moves the stream where remedy flows

in remembrance of authentic, true essence

Free to see from the eye of Oneness

Holy cup of the heart begins to overflow

I follow and feel the languid impulses of essence, I drink her nectar

In these timeless moments

instrument is honed

birthing divine embodiment

the wound is the gateway to the revolution

strength that is our birthright

pathway to Return to Love is inside

Love that is the union of true nature, compassion, freedom, justice and harmony

In the expression of this union

the Magic moves through the Presence of Being and Action –

this is where Love is sustained

In the face of her undefended open loving heart, her radical empathy

that which is not upheld by love will fall away and dissolve in her gaze

Oh my Beloved, I feel the embrace of your Love

before I hear the sweetness of your music

I follow the impulses of the lotus heart

Whispers of intuition

precious knowing that lights the dark way

I give myself to this blazing river of faith

She carries me in a complete knowing

Her flow unfurls in the background

guiding me to let go, to listen for the signs, the subtler guidance

moving closer and closer

to whatever darkness of resistance or pressure still remains

to witness in full presence

into the unfolding

for the restoration, the repair, the great return

where she unleashes Her Song

In the temple of the Mother’s heart

Will you remove your shoes?

Are you willing to set aside the burdens, identities and stories that bare weight?

These desires and fears also separate us from each other when we use them to defend our smallness…

Be with this suffering, this grief – yours and mine –

and you will come to know the greatness of her heart

Do you think you can tend to the world’s trauma if you have not tended to your own?

Unpack the burden you have been carrying my friend

And join me

Rest upon the altar of this heart

Humbly, I make a sacrifice

This is the sacred holy moment

To give up all ideas of who I think I am

Not merely to receive the fruit of her balm

But to open the doorway to all possibilities

Because I can no longer bare the resistance the shadow holds unseen

In the darkness of separation

In the allowing, receiving and letting go

I begin to listen, to feel, and to see again

Through her oceanic realm

Her wind moves through and breathes me

I meet her in the center where there is a fire

embers and flames temper

A smoldering pillar of strength emerges

from the sea within

I align with the sword of Truth

and harness the energy of Her Love

Together a power that can cut through blindness of the old ways of hierarchy and separation

And empower when to wield the fierce or the compassionate

Her catalyst for becoming

pierces and purifies

bathes me in renewal

A star in the blue and gold sky of healing is born

The offering is the alignment

Ma’ at’s birthing power is the soul essence of the divine feminine –

the Way of collaboration, connection and community

When I feel my heart break my defenses disappear and from a place of non resistance, a place of acceptance to be with what is, inspiration and strength come forward

I am freed to listen, to feel, to see and to make a clear discernment, a choice—

to meet the need that is calling

From moment to moment. . .

But what is this Love for, if it is not expressed?

If awakening is for the greater good of all –people and the planet-- and not just the self…

Then is this Dharma, dear Mother?

True essence swims forward and dances in the rapture of this wholeness, this Love, of Oneness…

And in this sweet surrender to you

Sacred art of Karunya plants Her seeds of love

and creativity is set free

ignited by the fire of shakti

Compassion’s longing blooms through the shine of your Being, a Presence that rushes in. . .

It was You all the time reclaiming me

. . . And to my surprise, I discover She is me

And now to bring your heart, my love to this world?

Shining her light through us, She endures through Time

Women and Men, if we walk in the ferocity of her love we can weave new worlds together

Beloved Mother, walk with us, show us how to labor the new Way, when to push, when to pause and when to breathe so that we may embody, birth and become your Revolutionary Love.

By Tarakini ~ Susannah Weaver

Flash Poetry

In Honor of Revolution of the Mother, With V and Andrew Harvey

and all of the many magnificent women all over the world

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